Thursday, 10 February 2011


The ladies bible study I attend at a local Baptist church started up again this morning. We've been on hiatus since the end of November, and I didn't realize just how much this one morning gives to me, how much it steadies my whole week.

The group is called "Overflow," because the goal is to have God's word overflowing out of our cups. We have just started a Beth Moore study and by golly, it is going to be AWESOME! I love her as a scriptorian and as an inspirational speaker. Her love for the bible flows from every word and every facial expression and I always catch her fever when doing her studies.

I also really love the 2 hour break from the boys. They have childcare there, even for the tiny, wee babies. For two hours I get to have adult conversation, personal study and gospel connection without Benjamin hanging off my arm. Since I rarely get to any classes on Sundays at church, this is a real booster for me.

It is also really useful having a weekly Thursday morning appointment. Even though Colin has a school schedule and Caleb has a nursery school schedule, somehow everything has been in chaos during this hiatus from Overflow. Having this on my own schedule each week has been an anchor, a point to look forward to or back from during the five days of weekday blur.

Then there is the added bonus of the fantastic group of women I am with this year. We are all in different walks and stages of life, but at the same time we have lots in common. Between the seven of us, we have 13 children. One is a newlywed. One is a new mom. One is getting ready to send her oldest off to university. We weekly pray for the strength to let our children live another day. Together we delve into the word of God, and into our own souls as we try to grow closer to God. Together we pray for our struggles and give thanks for the triumphs. This is the most personal I have ever been with prayer and scripture study; it has given new life to my own daily habits.

I was bouncing off the walls, smiling ear to ear, and dancing with my boys before lunch today, all because I was refilled to Overflowing this morning. God is good. He knows exactly what we need and he always fills us when we need it most.

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