Saturday, 19 February 2011

Excitement is in the air

Bathroom and kitchen!

I wanted to tackle the bathroom last year on my own, but ran into too many potential problems and backed out, doing absolutely nothing. I was so disappointed. This year, I have decided to use the extra money from the tax refund and get a contractor to do it.

And since I'm on the reno bandwagon, I'm also going to plan a complete kitchen renovation for next year! This will cost much more, and so will need some savings on top of using the full refund. In the past, when I considered what work to do on the house, my first thought was the kitchen. They say that kitchens can sell houses, and that you can get double your money back (that you spent on the renovation) when you sell. Our kitchen is by far the weakest point of our house. For the longest time, I didn't think there was anything to be done about it. Then, this past week, ideas started flowing. It all started with the realization that there is no point to the window over the sink area - it once faced outside, but after the addition of the garage, it now looks into the darkness. It occurred to me then that I could close up the window and add an extra cabinet there, since cabinet space is the number one problem in my kitchen.

Now I'm ready to rip out all the cabinetry, lay new flooring, add a built-in dishwasher, put in a wider countertop, and expand the cabinets to the eat in kitchen area! I am so excited soon to have a kitchen that actually works for me!

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