Saturday, 21 May 2011

"Adopting" a missionary

Monday night I was able to get an invite to a family from our church whose oldest son will be heading out on a two year mission to teach the gospel. He leaves in about 2 and a half weeks now. Because we don't have any family members the boys know who will be going on missions before they do, I wanted to "adopt" some missionaries from our ward over the years between now and when our own boys will head out (age 19.)

So for Family Home Evening, we headed out to their house. Their son, Anthony, shared the things he had done to prepare to leave, and a little about where he is going and what he'll be doing. Then he showed what he'll wear - by dressing himself up into his suit and having Caleb dress up into his second suit.

The boys thought it was great. Now, once Anthony leaves, we'll write letters (at least monthly) of encouragement to him, and track news of how he is doing from his family and from letters he writes home. My hope is that the boys will be able to track Anthony on his mission and start to have an idea of what it entails, and start to think about their own missions down the road. A mission is such an important two years. If you are really serious about it, it is a time when your testimony is really solidified, when you learn what it is to live with another person 24-7 (in preparation for marriage!) and also how to take care of all the home things, like cooking and cleaning and laundry. It can be such a valuable learning experience, and I really hope our boys all decide to go and serve the Lord in this way, when the time comes.

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Mom said...

It's great that you are starting so young with them so that it becomes something that they grow up wanting to do. I love it that Anthony was so good with them at the FHE allowing Caleb to dress up in his suit. The boys will see others go on a mission before they go and it's great that they are starting to think about it now with Anthony. The letters they send will mean a lot to Anthony and will help the boys to understand how important letters are to a young missionary away from home. The letters which Anthony sends home and which you share with them will help the boys see how spiritually uplifting a mission can be.