Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Benjamin's understanding is through the roof. He pretty much gets everything we are saying now, and can follow instructions we give him. His vocabulary is also expanding:

"Cuk" (truck) - by far his favourite word. It refers to any sort of car, van, or truck on wheels.
"Uss" (nurse) - this was his favourite word, but he has taken to preferring the sign for it instead. Probably a good thing, since he asks to nurse about 15,000 times a day, and if I heard him saying "usss! usss! usss!" that many times I might lose the little sanity I have left.
"Ma ma" (more) - nope, not me at all. He still doesn't say Mama. This is "more," like "more food," "more water," "more food," or "more food." Yeah, it's mostly about food, and only in reference to breads, grains, pineapple, chocolate or ice cream. He never asks for more vegetables.
"Hi" (hi) - This is usually only heard when he is "talking on the phone." I think the phone is his favourite toy, and he is never deceived when he is given a phone to play with that isn't real. Even the "real" phone that doesn't actually dial doesn't fool him. He goes right for our fully connected, able to dial China, portable phones. At least it's a way to keep him sitting in one spot for two minutes!

So that's where he's at right now, at 16 months. I have a feeling that, just like Colin and Caleb, he'll hit about 18 months, open his mouth and out will come full sentences. We can see that little brain working on overdrive 24/7!

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