Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Playing house

This morning I found Colin and Caleb playing house. This is a new game for them, one I think they learned when a friend came for dinner last week and brought her three girls to play. I remember passing many hours at this game, although I thought the boys' version was really funny.

In their own words: they were playing house, except Colin's name was Max and Caleb's name was George. Colin was 16 years old, and Caleb was only 12. They were playing in Benjamin's nursery, and had moved the movable items into one corner to build a small "house." Colin's bed was under the tall boy dresser (I had to see him crawl under the to believe he could actually fit!) and Caleb's bed was the baby bathtub, limbs falling over on all sides. Playing house consisted of going to bed, waking up, going to bed, waking up, and going to bed again. As far as I could tell, there wasn't much else going on. Leave it to boys to decide that playing house means sleeping.

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