Friday, 13 May 2011


James asked Caleb what he would like to do for his next "Daddy-Caleb" day. Caleb wasn't sure, so James started throwing out suggestions: ice-cream, toy store, park, swimming...

Suddenly Caleb had it: can we go camping? He asked? Sure, James agreed. Then Caleb grew quiet. Will it be just you and me? he asked solemnly? Definitely, James replied. Caleb remained quiet, staring at the floor. "But I will miss Colin so much, and he would love to come camping with us. Couldn't he come, too?"

Of course, James replied, his heart melting. That's Caleb though, Caleb the Compassionate.

(Although Caleb did stipulate that Benjamin was not to go, and therefore I had to stay home also.)

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Mom said...

I love how compassionate Caleb is - he is so in tune with people and their feelings - or even just how he thinks they MIGHT feel. We often think of females as having the 'compassionate' gene - it's so nice that our family has an example of a male who thinks of others. Although, I do have to say that I think that James has that gene as well.