Sunday, 29 May 2011

Just like that, an answered prayer

The book that I'm reading right now suggests writing down specific prayers in a prayer journal or on small note cards. This is not only a great way to remember so ongoing prayer requests you have, but the author also says that he checks off when prayers are answered.

It may seem an action a bit too obvious - I mean, if you're the one praying, you know when it's been answered. But the nice thing about this method is that you have a visual reminder of the myriad of answered prayers in your life.

I haven't started it yet, but if I had, I would have written a request down on Friday and had it answered on Saturday. I just finished reading through the book of John (thoroughly enjoying many parts of it, most especially chapter 8 where Jesus banters with the Pharisees and takes them down!) As I was relating some of what I read to James, I also lamented that I didn't have any friends who enjoyed scripture reading as a hobby, as I do. Sure, many of my friends read the scriptures in a spiritual sense, but I would join a bible interest group for the same reasons I have joined the community band. Unfortunately, I don't really know of such a group, and I've never sat around with my friends chatting over scripture the way I would love to.

Then, the very next night, a good friend came over to hang out for an hour or so after the kids went to bed. We had made plans to go out, but everything fell through and we decided just to cancel it all and try again next week. Then, just as I was pouring a bowl of cereal for my dinner (one of those days!) she called and said she still felt like getting together and could she come over.

When she arrived, I happened to be just finishing a chapter in the book of Hebrews. She asked what I was reading and I launched into a couple of things on my mind in relation to what I had been reading. What followed was about 45 minutes of discussion that was exactly what I had been craving the night earlier. Then, as my friend was leaving, she casually mentioned that next time we should coordinate a specific scripture passage, and we could discuss it at length together.

I had not specifically lifted up my request in prayer, but it was definitely a "prayer on my heart." How awesome is our amazing God that he heard that prayer and answered it so obviously within 24 hours. It is definitely good to not only write down that which we are praying for, but to also record the amazing ways in which He answers them.


Mom said...

I love these types of experiences! It's a great idea to write them down because sometimes you do forget over the years about these wonderful times. Like I mentioned the other day, and as has also been my experience, sometimes prayers are answered even when we haven't actually asked for something, but have rather been thinking about them. It's great when that happens - I'm happy for you that your friend was there at the right time - as you know, I don't believe in co-incidence. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Writing down the moments like these... what a brilliant idea!