Sunday, 1 May 2011

When dinner works perfectly

It's 4pm, your in-laws arrive for dinner in one hour, a last-minute invitation and you haven't been shopping in a week and a half. What's for dinner?

My answer to James was: spaghetti. I could hear him roll his eyes over the phone. He is not a spaghetti fan. He does love a good pasta dish, even spaghetti, when it is topped with more than a jar of tomato sauce. But I think he knew that my quick answer meant that I was literally having to resort to a package of noodles and a jar of sauce. He asked, nearly begged, if he could pick anything up. Nope, I replied.

I opened the fridge and freezer and put my brain to work. A couple of pieces of chicken, half a bundle of asparagus, a jar of Alfredo was coming together.

Half an hour of busying in the kitchen and I can readily admit I had created a masterpiece. I wish I had thought to grab a photo, because even the presentation was top notch.

First I sliced the chicken breasts into strips and marinated them in lemon, olive oil and garlic. Then I sauteed them in a pan. Meanwhile, I sauteed the asparagus in butter until they were soft. I piled some well-rinsed angel hair pasta on each plate, scooped some Alfredo sauce on top, placed a few chicken strips and then laid the asparagus in an X on top. Garnished with grated parmesan cheese, it was a veritable, delectable masterpiece. I love when a last minute dinner works out like that.


Mom said...

You are definitely NOT your mother's daughter being able to create meals like this off the top of your head. :-) I can cook wonderful tasty meals, but only with a recipe. It is wonderful that you have a talent like this especially when your husband appreciates delicious food.

Em T said...

Sad thing- at least 95% of the time that I think about how lucky my husband is, it's because I'm so impressed with my cooking.

But really, he might as well have gotten something out of this deal, right?

Dinner sounds yummy:)