Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yes, that crazy lady was me

When I pulled up to Caleb's nursery school this morning on my bike with the bike trailer behind me with two kids inside, a friend rolled down her car window and admired "I can't even begin to be you!"

I laughed, and admitted that this was the first time I'd been on my bike since I was 16, I was drenched head to toe in sweat, had only come from around the corner, and had already gotten off to walk two hills. It made her feel better.

This morning, it was my intention to finally get onto my bike during the good weather. I can walk anywhere in town in 45 minutes, so I should be able to bike in about 20 minutes. Benjamin is old enough to wear a helmut and ride in it, and while Colin is in school I only have two kids at home, which is what the trailer can hold.

I biked Caleb to nursery school, then went to a downtown store with Benjamin. It was closed so we biked to the park for a bit, then back to the store, then back home with my new drum that was bigger and heavier than Benjamin (more about that later.)

Benjamin did not like the helmut at all. He screamed and tugged at it all the time, and I don't blame him. He doesn't understand why he has to wear it, plus it's about 40 degrees out there and those things are hot! His hair was matted beneath it in about five minutes. I don't know whether to be grateful he doesn't like it (and use that as an excuse not to bike) or sad (because I like the idea of biking.)

Either way, I need a lot more practice on the bike with the trailer. Our town is really hilly, which you don't realize until you are on a bike pulling a trailer with 60 pounds of kids in the back. There are almost no flat stretches anywhere. And there are a lot of stop signs, which kill any momentum you get going downhill.

I much prefer walking. I've got a great carrier and good strollers. More than likely I'll opt for walking in the future. But if you see that crazy lady walking her bike and hauling 60 pounds in a trailer, yep - that's me!

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