Sunday, 8 May 2011


I've thought more about this Mother's Day than I have in years past. I saw more than a few comments from people rebelling against the day, insisting on not celebrating. Their reasons spanned from irritation at the commercialization of the day to disliking setting aside only one day a year to honour mothers.

Instead of dismissing their thoughts immediately, I decided to at least consider them. (I'm trying to expand my opinion horizons, which means being open to other schools of thought.) In the end, I like having a day like this. Because even though stores make big money off of flowers and gifts (and yes, they got some of our money as well) and even though we should honour mothers each and every day of the year, the truth is that life gets in the way.

Beautiful, busy, crazy life. Days filled with work and dirt and running around and tears and hugs and cuddles and angry words and discipline and teaching and learning and kisses and laughs. When you are a mother, every moment is some sort of celebration of motherhood.

Then I started thinking about the stage of motherhood I am in right now. This wasn't at all in relation to my own children, but in relation to the other women in my life right now who are also mothers. I thought of my dear friends who are a few years ahead of me in the journey. I thought particularly of one friend who sees in my three boys exact carbon copies of her own children. Every time I share a success or challenge with my boys, I see that joyful smile spread across her face as she recalls to me a moment exactly like that. It is good to have her as an example in my life, because she has such wise insight as I struggle through these early years.

I also thought about the many women in my life who are just beginning their journey of motherhood. Sisters, sisters-in-law, and dear friends whose have little tiny babies, or children younger than mine. I think about the steps I have travelled, and though they are few, I hope that I can gently share what I have learned in a way that might be insightful for them.

I thought about a few women I know whose mothering years are still in the pregnancy stage, who are waiting for the months to pass before their own first little darling baby will be placed in their arms. It makes me reflect on my own pregnancies, and the joy and anticipation associated with that time. I remember how nine months is an eternity and a blink of an eye all at once. I hope that I can share something to help them prepare for an event that will change their lives forever.

And after all that, I thought of my own family.

I thought of my three precious boys who I love more than life itself. I realized how good they really are, how compassionate and smart and full of joy. I look at these beautiful children and I am excited for the journey we are taking together.

I thought of my husband, the man with whom my family began. I thought of how perfectly we match each other, complement each other, are designed to lean on and support one another. I thought of the wonderful privilege it is to be married him not only for time here on earth, but for all the eternities to. There is not another more perfect day to reflect on the blessing of forever families.

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