Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday morning

I love Monday mornings.

(please don't shoot me for that comment!)

There is something about Monday mornings that really gets me going. After a physically, mentally and spiritually refreshing Sunday, I wake up on Monday mornings ready to face the world. I feel like my entire to-do list is possible. I feel like I have an endless supply of energy. I feel joy at meeting a new week. I often do my house cleaning on Monday mornings while this feeling lasts. I don't enjoy cleaning, but even this chore is brighter on a sunny Monday morning.

This morning found Benjamin up and awake before 6am. So instead of groggily bringing him downstairs and desperately trying to keep him quiet, I decided to get "up and at 'em" and go out for a walk. We bundled up and headed out into the early morning spring.

It was absolutely beautiful. The sky was already a clear blue. The air had that cool, Canadian camping chill about it (fellow Canadian campers - you know exactly what I mean!) The buds on the trees are just about to bloom and were letting forth just a little of their sweet smell. I encountered only two cars and three other people. A red-eye flight left a trail across the sky. The sun shone brightly, if not yet warmly.

I forged a path up into the north part of our neighbourhood. Interestingly, while I do tons of walking, I only ever walk in that direction when I'm on a nice leisurely walk, and only ever during the pleasant spring and summer weather. I hadn't realized this fact until this morning, and perhaps I had been subconsciously reserving this area as a summer sanctuary.

Having forgotten my watch, I erred on the sign of returning home early, though I still had at least another 15 minutes (I had been gone about 30 minutes in all.) Now that the good weather is here, I hope to have that kind of energy every sunny morning, to hop out of bed and get in a little physical exercise and spiritual cleansing from a good morning walk.

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