Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Life in a rush

The next few days are going to be one big blur. Today we vacated our house for touch ups on the bathroom reno, I worked the morning for our company, then I took the boys to a birthday party, left one there, brought one back to James for nap and drove Colin down to Toronto for his last follow up with the eye surgeon. We waited there for over an hour, saw the surgeon for a minute, then drove all the way. I dropped Colin off and immediately turned around to drive back to Brampton to AD (assistant director) a short film for a friend.

Tomorrow looks very much the same. Colin to school, Caleb to nursery school, Benjamin and I up to bible study, then home to desperately write/organize my workshop for Saturday, then off to another 6 hours of the film shoot.

Friday - lather, rinse, repeat. I hope to maybe catch up on things around the house in the morning before the evening's film shoot again.

Saturday we have a community clean up day, followed by the workshop I have to give on the other side of Toronto.

And while Sunday is always a rest from our daily labours, it is still always full to the brim.

And even though it is past 11pm and I'm ready for bed, I hear Benjamin starting to cry.

Off I go.


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Mom said...

Here comes Supermom! :-) Reading this blog entry makes me think of me when you girls were young. They really were days full of activities - and, although it was hectic, I would never have given up the opportunities to experience life like that with you three girls (and Dad of course. :-)