Friday, 5 August 2011


Benjamin loves to have his hair combed. I started doing it in his rocking chair, in his bedroom, right after bath, just before bedtime. At first it was purely a necessary thing - to prevent a huge matte of knotted hair in the morning. Then he really started enjoying the feeling of that little baby comb being run through his hair. Now every night when I read him bedtime stories, he brings me his comb to have his baby soft red hair brushed. I love it. Sometimes I pass ten minutes or more just combing those locks.



I think, by far, this is Benjamin's favourite word and thing. Whenever those sharp ears hear the distant roar of an airplane engine, he excitedly stamps his feet and points to the sky and searches the sky for the sighting, all while shouting "plane! plane! plane!" When he spots the plane, his little body shakes in excitement as he shows everyone around what he has found. Luckily, about 15 minutes south of us is a small airport used for personal flying, so there are always small aircraft flying overhead.

Pa would be proud.


Knock wood, we might be turning a sleep corner. The last couple of nights he has slept from 7:30pm until 5am, waking only briefly around 11pm needing his soother. We will be changing around the bedrooms soon so that Benjamin and Caleb will share, which will hopefully do even more to help Benjamin sleep all the way through the night. After 19 months, it's about time.

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