Thursday, 11 August 2011


Tonight, at the park, the boys befriended a brother and sister. The boy was just older than Colin, and the girl about Caleb's age. The two older boys spent their time running around, chasing each other, playing tag. Caleb and the girl tried to keep up, but had a tough time. So the little girl grabbed Caleb's hand and walked with him, offering some words of comfort. I glanced over at them as they were walking toward me from across the yard, hand in hand. It was like looking 12 years ahead, into the dating years. It was such a tender moment, I wish I had had a camera, even though I never would have snapped a photo of a stranger's child. Caleb never holds hands, ever. Even in the parking lot, the best I can do is cajole him to hold onto the side of the cart or stroller. But this sweet girl just slipped her hand into his and calmed him with those reassuring words in a way that only another child can.


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