Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Project Purge

Project Purge is about to launch.

I'm thinking minimalist.

I'm thinking less stuff.

I'm thinking my house doesn't need to be full to be cozy.

I'm thinking freedom from clutter.

I'm thinking with birthdays plus Christmas there will be a never-ending supply of things coming in. It is time to seriously get some things out.

If there is something you have seen of ours that you are interested in, now is the time to ask. Soon it will all be going up for sale or donation.

Project Purge is the beginning of the end of the madness.


Anonymous said...

Can I have your new bathroom?


Mom said...

Can I have your boys? :-)

Mom said...

In my experience, the best way to purge is to move half way around the world. :-) And, also from experience, I can tell you that it feels AMAZING to be a minimalist. I love having very little in the house. But then, there really is only Dad and me and perhaps that's why it's easier to have so little around the house.

Jenn said...

I SO want to do this...please let me know how it goes!

Kevin H. said...

Books! For heaven's sake, don't purge any books without having your people get in touch with my people, etc. I assume that's not quite what you meant (I suspect more toys, trinkets and other bits & bobs to be more at risk than the family book collection), but just to be sure, here lies my comment for posterity....