Monday, 29 August 2011

More camp photos

Kisses from our kids.

Snuggles from my boy.

Tasty fingers. Or maybe leftover s'mores.

Big boy Ben.

Benjamin's new best best best friend, Jesse. Jesse is the oldest son of one of our dearest friends. Benjamin went everywhere with Jesse during the camp. He sat on Jesse's lap during meals and shared his food. He snuggled with Jesse at the campfire. He took Jesse's hand and wandered off to explore. And Jesse took to Benjamin just the same. So sweet.

Colin's frog adventure. The older boys went into this brush and quickly came out with little frogs. Colin wanted one of his own, and so climbed his way over to this area. He must have stayed there for about half an hour until he found one. There was no way he would give up until he had the prize. Perseverance is his middle name.

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