Monday, 29 August 2011

Lazy days

I have loved this summer. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Some weeks were full of activity, some were just for lazing around. We popped in with some friends, but never overdid the scheduling. Lots of camping and outdoor fun, a little swimming, and a few road trips.

What I realized I did miss was seeing my own friends more regularly. During the school year we often meet up with my friends and their kids for play date mornings at someone's house, or at the park. There was really only one friend that I saw regularly, and some good friends I hardly saw at all. As I watched their updates on things like Facebook, I felt disconnected.

It's been good, though, especially given that Colin starts grade one this year and will be gone eight hours a day, five days a week. I've cherished the days we've spent together this summer, on adventures or just reading and playing at home. The lazy days are drawing to a close.

I think I just might hold onto them a little longer. Maybe one last camping trip on a warm weekend in September. Maybe skipping a Friday at school to take a long weekend. Maybe making a new tradition of movie night or games night on Fridays, staying up a little later and snuggling up in the living room.

I keep telling Colin to stop growing up. The tough part is that he is such an old soul, wise beyond his years, that I feel he's skipped so many of these younger years. Every night at bedtime he asks if we can have a bedside chat, so he can ask me how my day went. I love those moments of motherhood.

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