Sunday, 7 August 2011

Money talk

I knew the financial crash was big when it came up at an informal baby shower I was at on Friday morning. I mean, I knew it was big anyway, because I like to watch the news and keep informed on stuff like that. But those topics generally aren't ones that come up at a play date.

Thankfully, we are invested for the long run (education and retirement) so we aren't terribly worried about the current crash. But James and I did give it a moment's thought that evening. He mentioned that we probably "lost" a good deal of money. I countered with the fact that we don't need anything for about 15 years, and even the Great Depression of the thirties didn't last that long.

Of course, even though the loss was only on paper, it did give me pause for thought. What would happen if all of a sudden it was completely gone? How tied am I to that money? How dependant am I on material things? How confident am I in the Lord's promise that he who "clothes the lilies of the field" will take care of me?

It made me think of the parable of the talents. Do I take the money with which I am blessed and hoard it for myself? Do I put trust in my own abilities to provide, rather than trusting that God will? Do I hide away the money, or spread it around to those who are in need? How much do I really need, anyway?

I find myself much more on the "provide for myself" side of the line, rather than on the Lord's side. Of course I wouldn't sit around doing nothing and expect everything to fall in my lap. Being extreme on either side is unwise. This whole financial crisis has given me much to consider, especially in the hundreds of ways I have been blessed. I am feeling convicted today that there is much more I can be doing to help others, that this is a calling which I have ignored much to long.

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