Thursday, 30 June 2011


Benjamin is singing his first song: "The Bells of Notre Dame" from the Disney film soundtrack "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The soundtrack became popular first because it is one of James' favourites, and then because Caleb adopted the song "Out There" as his top pick for music. (It's so funny to hear Caleb belt out that song, especially the robust ending!)

But Benjamin picked up on the wonderfully complex opening number. A beautiful choir sings in Latin tones, creating wonderful harmonies. It certainly is a musical masterpiece, dramatic in every way. Benjamin forms his mouth into an open "ah" and in a soft, slightly husky voice sings along (in tune!) to the choral ahs: "ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah aaaaaaahhhhhh!"

He generally is gazing out the window as he does it, taking in the outside world, showing that the song is second nature to him now. So cute.

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