Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Team photos

The boys had team photos for t-ball tonight. I wasn't there (Benjamin was melting down so I had to take him home.) Some parents were hoping for photos before the game. The game is played on a great field with this fantastic red dirt that dusts up even if you tiptoe around on it. An hour of playing later I'm sure they were covered from head to toe. Our photos were after the game.

I was glad. I think if the photos had been before, I would have told the boys to go roll in the dirt. I love dirt. I love the wall art that I've seen that says:

I think boys should regularly be covered with dirt. Mine are. I often am, as a mother of three boys. Sometimes (often!) the day gets away from us and I just roll the boys into bed without a bath, dirt and all. I hope they got good and dirty during their game: it would show they really got into it, played and good game and enjoyed every minute of it.


Mom said...

I am so glad that you let your boys get dirty - I think it's great! I remember I was walking Colin along your street one day, and we were jumping in the puddles and a woman looked over at us and told me I was the best mom letting my son jump in the puddles! :-) The way I look at it, we can either let our kids be kids and get dirty and/or wet and let them have fun or we can make them stay clean and dry and have no fun - not a hard choice, I'd say. :-)

heather80 said...

I have that exact wall lettering (same font, must be the same company) on Shea's wall.