Monday, 27 June 2011


The other day I found Colin and Caleb playing "Star Trek." Colin was speaking in Klingon. And it actually sounded like Klingon.

It has probably been over a month since Benjamin has eaten a vegetable. I have not found one single way to get him to eat one. On my mother-in-law's suggestion, I found one of those new fruit fusion juices that also have vegetables in them. Benjamin LOVES his new juice. He drank two cups today. That's 4 servings of fruit, 2 servings of vegetables, and 54 grams of sugar. Okay, so it's not a permanent solution, but it works for now.

I need to start being VERY diligent in brushing Benjamin's teeth now.

Caleb is entering a defiant stage. Today he threw a piece of wood at a moving car. When I scolded him, he took off his sandal and threw it at another car. When I lost it again, he threw the other shoe. I made him walk home barefoot.

Crackdown tonight at Family Home Evening. I called a family council to put an end to the endless clutter around here. When the boys wake up tomorrow, they will only have one small box of toys in the play room. If they can play with and tidy up one box, they will get another the next day. They are aware of the plan, and on board. I really hope it works.

I did find a beautiful, girly, pink and green shirt that EXACTLY matches my new blog design. I love it.

I also found a pomegranate in the grocery store last week. I discovered them last fall, on the very last week they were in stock. Finally, the long wait is over and they are back again!

We are eating vegetarian this week. More on that later. Day one was a resounding success. Day two, okay. Hopefully we'll have more successes than failures.

I was feeling particularly nostalgic this morning, in a whole host of different areas, and for no particular reason at all. It was a lovely feeling.


Wendy said...

So was the top you wore on Sunday new? I was admiring it when you asked me about choir and then forgot to tell you how pretty you looked.

Terri-Ann said...

Wendy - Yep - that top was the one that matches my blog! The only thing is that I noticed a little tiny tiny tear in the front, so now I'm nervous that it will rip while carrying a squirmy kid!

Mom said...

So, if you give Benjamin only vegs as a choice for a snack, he just doesn't eat anything? What about buying a juicer and making your own juice so that there's not that crazy amount of sugar in it?

What was Caleb's consequence for throwing the wood and his shoes at the cars? Wonder what was going on in his head?

I wish you good luck with the clutter with the toy room - I was very grateful for a finished basement when you girls were young - so, if the toys weren't cleaned up, it didn't matter as no-one else would see it.

Dad has found pomegranates here and he loves them, too.

Terri-Ann said...


1. Yes, if you give only vegetables to Benjamin, he will choose to go hungry. I served his dinner to him for dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner and he just refused to eat. Kathy has a smoothie recipe I'm going to try. But the juice I have is made up of only fruits and veggies, so it's all natural anyway.

2. Caleb had to walk home bare foot. He cried the whole way. We have entered a defiant stage that permeates many aspects of his life. I remember it well with Colin, although without the temper!

3. I think I'm holding onto more toys than the boys would really care for. They haven't seemed to notice all the boxes missing, and it's been three days already.