Friday, 24 June 2011

New Design

After five years of the same blog design, I decided to finally step out of the box.

The blogs I frequent all have the cutest backgrounds and graphics and photos. A couple months back I tried changing my own, but I was clearly too sleep deprived and after two hours of getting nowhere I gave up and restored the original.

But those are blogs were just so darn cute! And some were changing all the time, and it occurred to me that it really can't be that hard. Really. Seriously.

And it wasn't. Just stands as a witness of how sleep deprived I really am with Benjamin.

So new blog is here. Isn't she pretty? I was the biggest tomboy as a kid, but with raising three boys my inner girl is emerging more and more every day, trying to assert her femininity. (Do you know that right now, my toenails are actually painted? I haven't done that in as long as I can remember!) I was actually thinking of change the name of my blog to "pink slippers," because that was the first pink thing I ever really bought and loved. I am now on my third pair of pink slippers, all in the name of girl power. But I love my blog title; it really captures what my life is like raising my kids.

And don't be surprised if my blog design changes every couple of months. I like change, and just looking at this new, pretty blog makes me smile every time it loads. I love those little smiles of joy.


Mom said...

When I first saw your new blog design, I thought "this is awfully frilly and girly for Terri-Ann - what's going on?" You are right that you were always a tom-boy growing up, so I never saw this kind of design coming from you. :-) It is the cutest design, though. :-)

Jenn said...

EXACTLY the same thing has happened to me. I was a huge tomboy growing up, but as I got married, got a boy dog, and then had two boys, I found I needed some girly things in my life, and I was the only one I was going to be able to buy them for, so I best get started! I'm adding all sorts of pink to my wardrobe, getting pink accessories, blankets, you name it! It's kind of fun!