Monday, 20 June 2011

In three years

James and I have talked about me getting my Bachelor of Education once the kids are all in school full time. It would only take me one year (well, six months of actual work) and it would be a great thing to have in our back pocket, given the fact that James is self-employed. It would give me the option to supply teach to pick up a little extra money, or take a full time job if I needed to. Plus, as we have learned first hand lately, the benefits would be AWESOME!

I don't have any plans set in stone for the actual teaching work yet, but it is something I have always loved. Given my background in teaching, music, French, the gifted program, French Immersion, volunteering in schools and church, plus my deep interest and research into homeschooling and various teaching methods, I think I will probably be a shoo-in for a job.

The crazy thing to think about is that if Benjamin is our last baby, then he will have the option to start school full time in two years (come September.) Which means I could apply in a year and a half, be starting classes in two years, graduate in less than three, and have my first job in three years and two months.

Whoa. That is a whole different life change, and very strange to consider. More than likely I will only supply teach, because I have a real heart for volunteering in the classroom, the school, and the community. I have big dreams about free music programs for kids who don't have it in their school. Plus I'd love to do some theatre as well. A friend told me the other day that schools have money in reserve for special programs like these, and that much of that money goes unspent. It would be great to access it for some of my plans.

I'm a little excited about this all. This is the first time in a while that I have had some real, concrete long term goals, and it's given me a whole new focus.

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