Saturday, 4 June 2011


Before I got married, I figured I totally had the wife thing wrapped up. Seriously, I was going to be my husband's dream. Because I am a huge hockey fan. I was going to be right beside him through the season, rooting for the Toronto Maple Leafs, on the edge of our seats through the playoffs. I was going to be the wife that men wished their wives were like, with a spread of root beer and pizza and wings for Hockey Night in Canada.

Plus I love to play sports - any sport. I love the adrenaline of playing. I love a real competitive game. I am super competitive. (I may have been the only 14 year old girl to foul out of a church basketball game - more than once!) My husband was going to love that I love to get right into a team game, pickup game or just tossing the ball in the backyard.

Plus I love the outdoors. Camping, hiking, biking...this girl is not afraid to get dirty, leave behind my bed at home, live out of a duffle bag for a week.

Yes, I definitely had the wife thing in the bag.

Oh, the irony that I married a man who doesn't like watching sports, playing sports, or being outdoors. Sure, over the years, he's adapted. He really does like camping now, which is good, because otherwise he'd be staying home from a lot of camping vacations over the summer! And his friends have got him out playing floor hockey now and again, but he does it for the comradeship over the sports. And now and then he'll watch a hockey game with me. (Actually, that's the area that I sort of compromised in - I don't usually turn on many hockey games, other than a really good Leaf game during the season, and to watch a Canadian team during the playoffs.)

Now, I know that I'm still the woman of his dreams...just in a completely different way than I expected before we met!

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